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Open Letter to UBC 2022

This is an open letter to the University of British Columbia, sent in November of 2022. It describes a series of events, actions and inactions related to my application for a confirmed position as a Head Librarian.  Please read it thoroughly.  It ends by requesting a meeting with the University at which these issues would be discussed and in which the harm that I suffered will actually be addressed.

Credit: Gordon Yusko, 2013


CLICK HERE to read the open letter.

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An audio recording of my open letter is available. If you’d like to hear me read it, click on the link below.

Click here to hear me read the open letter


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Here is a print version of the Frequently Asked Questions about the open letter.

CLICK HERE for the FAQ document.


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Audio recording of FAQs

CLICK HERE to listen to an audio recording of the Frequently Asked Questions document.

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